Wam & Splosh

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Dear Messy Friend & Messy Friend 2 Be,

WAM Independent escort for VERY messy & wet fun in Kensington! Yep, that is me. I simply wanted to share with you how excited I am about my WAM dates. That I love love loooove my food is a well known fact (I can because I bust my …. at the gym & therefore still looking hot babe! lol), but that I also like it wet & very very messy may well be another thing all together. As a companion I am truly high class, and appropriate at all time…..in public :).

However, I also know how to switch into my crazy alter-ego right behind closed doors. I love to experience most things and so how could I possibly have either skipped or missed the Splosh escort experience?! No way i was gona pass on this one!

I did it a few times before and I love it. It is real fun and interestingly enough, WAM brings a different ind of intimacy into the date, in some what a regressive manner. I do wonder whether this is also part of why I find it to be fun. I am a big kid after all.

It is also true that the logistics and practicalities of a Sploshing date can be demanding, but then again, they do say that good things don’t come easy :) . I personally suggest to do it in a hotel as it is convenient for both of us really. A longer date of a minimum of 4 hours also seems to make sense. Personally I welcome evening dates for Splosh dates.

But what is WAM & what does a WAM escort does? Simple really, is very messy & wet fun food play. It’s food play in the sense that you and I both end up covered in food. This is the basic principle ofWAM, but the roles may vary. Some people like to cover themselves in food but would not eat any, others cover themselves in food and like to eat it or taste it. Other may well be extremely specific as to the type of food they wish to use. Some others want to have a food fight. As to the actual intimacy is concerned, it also vary greatly, as some wish to simply get wet & messy and skip the more intimate part of a date, other wish for both and so on.

Personally I love it when WAM is combied with a game such as one ask the question and if the other answer correctly, he or she avoids having something sploshed on them, if the answer is wrong….well, then WAM aaaaaaall over lol. I find that adding the element of competition it makes it even more fun and it gives the whole messing about (literally lol) an additional purpose.

As you can see it really is up to you as to how you wish to have your Splosh Escort Experience really. last time It was real fun, as we did it with cakes and I promise you I never laughed so much in my whole life! What? Nooooo, I was not laughing all the time! things got really serious towards the end lol. What? No, before I went to shower and wash my hair….that is a pain I agree, but worth the effort! Splosh me if you can dude! lol

-More info on SPLOSH here-

WAM Escort for messy & wet fun! Splosh me if you can! lol

Serena xxx…

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